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I was fascinated with communication ever since I was a child. Some of you might be old enough to remember playing the tin cans connected by strings game 🙂

I have been reading a lot of information about the many technologies that emerges within the last 5 years. I used to use Dialpad back in the dotcom era. I have been using Skype for a while now and am satisfied with its quality and price, especially “unlimited” calling within the US and Canada. I am playing with Gizmo5 now, as it promises to combine Yahoo Messenger, SIP, Gtalk, AIM, and other services in the convenience of one program. I use GrandCentral to direct calls to both my landlines/cellphone and Gizmo 5 client, also known as the Gizmo Project (answer online so I can save my minutes:).

I will post another time about the results of my research into using Asterisk (and variations like trixbox, which have sugercrm integrated) for a flexible and powerful PBX box. There are others in the market as well (like SIPfoundry; ), but Asterisk seem to be the most popular and widely used. You can read more about open source PBX at this website.

For now, I am also testing out TringMe. This service allows visitors to a website to call me or leave a message by simply clicking on a button and talk. No need to install any software or dial any number.
Try it below:

Open Source movement: Freedom – FreeRice – Friends

FreeRice- Play and Feed a Hungry Person!

The phenomenal impact of the opensource movement has spread during the last five years. Among the successful ones are Mozilla Firefox (which has more than half a billion downloads at the end of February), OpenOffice or LibreOffice , and Ubuntu Linux.

But besides that, the open-source movement has not only created good softwares, it challenges the way we used to think, work, and live. This movement is an invitation for people to give and receive. The results of this movement can and have made an impact on people’s lives. Visit or The Hunger Site and see for yourself. The collective power and wisdom of the human family has the power to combat and overcome hunger, poverty, violence, war, and any obstacles that may prevent the human person from reaching our true dignity.

You, as one person in the human family, can make a difference in the lives of someone by just a click.  Be the change.  Imagine the change and impact if everyone do their own part!

Great Quality Video Online – hulu

Hulu has stepped up from Beta and is now open to the public as of Wednesday, March 12, 2008. The quality is very good in my opinion. I think only US residents are able to view the videos. They have videos from the TV series or even full length movie. One of my favorite so far is the “Internal Affair” episode of Chicago Hope. Great scripts.

Virtual Machines

I have been using virtual machines from VMWare for a while now. I find the VMWare Appliances to be a very useful place to test out OS and other software without messing up your current system. I am using Ubuntu and other Linux at the moment. Visit to find out more.


I will include new categories where you can search specific topics you commonly use. For now, you can search through Google’s Search Engine:

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