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I will post information/tips/hints I found useful in my daily search activities.

I currently use a lot, but occasionally I use and to search for images.

For searching on the desktop, I have been using Mozilla Firefox for over 6 years now (before it changed name from Mozilla Firebird). I found it to be robust and easy to use. It has built-in features like spell check and integrated search engine. I like to use it in combination with to look up words I don’t know.

Sometime, I switch from Firefox and use Opera (This is a great browser to reduce bandwidth/cost on your smart-phone). It has many features that Firefox has, and some more. Recently, Opera added support for extensions, which is something Firefox and Chrome has for a while. I just don’t use it much compared to Firefox and Chrome because of the premature support for extensions, and lack of it in the past. One thing though, I like it’s backward-forward function (faster than Firefox).

In the last year, Google Chrome has shine rapidly across the globe. It is great to see new ways the browser has been used and developed to help us find and use information across the global network.

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