Google Buzz

Yes, you heard it correctly, or feel it in the air already. It spread like the snow storm that just passed Chicago today.

We have everything from AIM to Yahoo!Messenger, then Skype and MSN Messenger, to Facebook and MySpace, RSS, recently with Twitter and Google Wave, and now the Google Buzz!

Google Buzz is yet another tools that provide more ways for people to keep in touch and share with the whole world their thoughts and views. What I like most from this new technological tool is the ability to view photos (and video?) full screen. You can connect with your existing websites like Flickr, Picasa, or Twitter and those websites will “Buzz” your followers of additions or updates. You can also post interesting links just like you already do in Facebook.

So what’s your thought with all of these social media and communication tool? Is it really helping us to connect and form better relationships and stronger community? I hope these new developments serve to enhance rather than replace our human connections with one another, the deep bond with the planet we live on, and the intimacy with the Divine Artist and Creator who shared life and love with us.

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